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Roof Coatings are Fundamental Maintenance Tools

For industrial and commercial facilities, roof coatings are often a fundamental part of maintaining the roofing material. Here are six reasons why facility managers should consider adding roof coating:

NOTE: Ponding water reduces the life of a coating, so proper drainage is important.

Types of Coatings

Facility managers may be overwhelmed by the number of coating choices. But the easy way it to figure out what the goal of the coating is, and that will help narrow down the choices. Here are the options to choose from:

Selecting the Right Coating

Facility managers should become familiar with all the coating options, their advantages and disadvantages, in order to meet the goal (whether that is durability, longevity, heat resistance, etc.). The easy way to do this is to consult your roofing professional and have the expert help you choose the perfect coating for your roof.

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